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Maggie's Messenger: Years in review

Read the latest issue of Maggie's Messenger: years in review, reflections and highlights of 2011 - 2017

Maggie Barry to retire from politics in 2020

North Shore MP Maggie Barry has today announced she will not be seeking re-election and will be retiring from Parliament in 2020.   Ms Barry...

No protections for the vulnerable in Euthanasia Bill

I make no apology for standing firm on behalf of the vulnerable for what I believe is right, although I have copped a lot of politically motivated flack for speaking...

National's taking care of business

As those of us who live on Auckland’s North Shore know very well, building a strong economy is a team effort. Along with good Government policies, a robust economy is...

You Just Can’t Trust Labour with Tax

It’s a real stretch to believe this Labour Government’s claims of being kind and caring Maggie Barry. when you look at all the extra costs they’ve imposed on us. When...