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Maggie Barry’s valedictory 2011-2020

North Shore MP Maggie Barry ONZM has delivered her Valedictory statement in the house before retiring from Parliament in 2020.   “After being elected with the class of 2011 by...

Anzac Day 2020: Apart but together as one

Anzac Day 2020: Apart but together as one   For the first time since Anzac Day services began in 1916 we are not able to gather together as a country...

An important message from North Shore MP Maggie Barry here to help you during the Covid-19 Lockdown

As a country we are now in a level four lockdown that is likely to last at least four weeks. These are extraordinary and challenging times, and it’s important we all...

Land of lost opportunities

In just two years, New Zealand has become a land of lost opportunities as Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Government has failed to deliver on its promises and instead piled on taxes,...