One of the advantages of being in Opposition is that we have more time to engage with our constituents and ask what you specifically need to ensure your families and businesses thrive so we can develop policies that will deliver what you want for our 2020 election campaign.

As your local MP, I am committed to advocating for initiatives that will improve the standard of living for those of us who love living on the North Shore. With my responsibilities as associate health, seniors and veterans spokesperson, I have launched the ‘Have Your Say’ questionnaire for seniors and welcome your feedback about the issues that matter to you.

Under the leadership of Simon Bridges, we are focused more on achieving good outcomes rather than just the good intentions and virtue-signalling that the current Government preaches.

I know that here on the North Shore you are ambitious for yourselves and your families and that you want to make NZ a better place for your children. Keeping the cost of living down is important to our quality of life which is why it’s one of National’s top priorities. In the past 12 months costs have increased faster than wages and this inexperienced Government is imposing a raft of new taxes and regulations on property owners. Cullen’s Tax Working Group has signalled it will recommend two options for a new Capital Gains Tax and National has made an absolute commitment to repeal it if re-elected.

Petrol prices have recently reached record highs. If you don’t own your own home you are paying more in rent which is up by an average of $30 per week or $1500 a year and thanks to Labour’s Auckland fuel tax it’s costing you more to drive to and from your home. The kids still need to be dropped off at school or picked up from sports and you still need to get to work and to the supermarket. People lead busy lives and the Government should be trying to lessen the burden instead of adding to the cost of living and doing business.

Unlike this Government, those of us that live in the real world, know that when fuel prices and rents go up, so does the cost of everything else. Incomes are not rising fast enough, families and businesses are struggling to get ahead and this Christmas will not
be a time of celebration for many. Right now, 1.7 million families are worse off because the Government cancelled National’s Family Income’s Package which would have seen most families at least $1000 better off each year.

National has a proven track record of spending taxpayer money wisely and eliminating wasteful spending. So when we see tax relief for every New Zealander being squandered instead on a $2.6 billion fees free policy that saw 2,400 fewer students in tertiary education, and at least $250 million on 190 working groups because the Government didn’t do the work in Opposition, we know they’re not spending wisely.

2018 has been another great year for our talented North Shore youth, thanks to the North Harbour Club, which has rewarded excellence and provided financial support for this year’s stellar AIMES winners. Shore Seniors groups are in good heart too judging from the hundreds that turned out at the recent Active Ageing Expo.

Grant and I wish you and your families a safe, happy and relaxing summer break. Thank you for your support this year and I look forward to continuing to work hard for you and your family in 2019.

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