Advocating on behalf of those of us fortunate enough to call the North Shore home, is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspects of my role as your local Member of Parliament.

Apart from the three days I spend in Parliament most weeks, through my hardworking team in my Takapuna office we’ve organised half a dozen public meetings to encourage discussion around proposed changes in Education and Workplace laws.

There was no shortage of questions for my colleague Scott Simpson about the workplace relations from local businesses worried about the impact Union access and minimum wage setting might have on their staffing arrangements.

The public meeting I organised on the End of Life Bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide attracted a lively crowd to listen to an informative debate, followed by an hour of questions. I led a panel against the bill alongside Sir Bill English and Dr Leonie Herx a visiting Canadian palliative care specialist and three pro-euthanasia speakers. It’s due for its second reading in late June and I will continue to vote against it because there are no safeguards from wrongful death. This is a conscience vote and I believe our role as lawmakers is to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number and that MPs have a duty to ensure that public safety and protection of the most vulnerable rather than an individual’s personal choice must be the overriding concern.

With the massive changes this government is trying to impose on schools and their Boards, it was good to host National’s spokesperson on education Nikki Kaye to answer questions and lead the discussion of what it would mean for parents and teachers.

Our most recent event was a seniors’ morning tea at the newly refurbished Devonport RSA rooms. This was  an informative, wide ranging discussion about affordable housing through to dental and eye care, local issues around Auckland Councillors' lack of action on the problem of Lake Road congestion and the apparently, not so popular with seniors, Lime scooters.

Speaking to local service clubs, as I have recently at both the Milford and North Shore Rotary, gave me the opportunity to engage with their members and hear about the grassroots issues that worry them.

Grant and I like going along to the Saturday home games at our North Shore Rugby Club, and the annual Seagulls lunch is always an enjoyable highlight of the local sporting calendar. It’s another great example of a club that’s an integral part of its community and focused on supporting their up-and-coming junior members to travel and raise their game to be the winning players of the future.

Through my electorate office, we have helped advocate for fairer arrangements around the liquor licensing rules and my door is always open to assisting whenever needed.

Please feel free to contact me through my electorate office on 09 486 0005 or send an email to for an appointment to discuss any issues that are important to you.

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