Can you see a future for yourself as an MP, or perhaps you are curious about how Parliament works? Here is your chance to have your voice heard and to experience first-hand how decisions are made that impact all of New Zealand.

North Shore MP Maggie Barry is looking for a local young person aged 16–18 to take up the responsibility of being the Youth MP and to represent the electorate at the Youth Parliament 2016.

If successful, you will join 120 other youth MPs selected to engage with and represent their community from January 2016 – and put your experience into practice at Youth Parliament to be held on 19–20 July 2016.

Nominations are open now. Interested students can enter a competition to win a place in the 2016 Youth Parliament. To enter, they need to record a 3 minute video addressing the following topic about national landmarks:

“Select three landmarks or historic buildings – one from the North Shore, one from greater Auckland and one from across the country – and write about why we should value them and how you feel these help define New Zealand as a nation.”

To submit the video, students would need to upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video and email the link to no later than 5pm on Wednesday 30 September.

Setting the video as ‘unlisted’ means that it can be seen by anyone you send the link to, but it will not be publically available to people searching on YouTube.

“I’d like to hear from young people who are willing to get out and engage with the youth in our North Shore community, gather their views and represent them in Parliament” says Ms Barry. “Identifying our valued landmarks is important to our sense of identity as a nation, and I’m looking forward to watching the videos and selecting the winner.”

Youth Parliament 2016 is a once-in-three year opportunity for young New Zealanders to share their ideas and the views of their peers with the country’s decision-makers.

It is an opportunity for any young person interested in politics to understand first hand and participate in the House of Representatives and the decision-making process.

Nominated Youth MPs will hold the title from 25 January to 25 July 2016. They are expected to engage with their community during this time, so all New Zealand youth have the opportunity to have their voice heard. 

Anyone interested in becoming a Youth MP should contact Monika Miller in the North Shore electorate office at for further details.



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