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Voters in this election have a clear choice between very different visions for the future of our country. I stand for a plan to keep New Zealand and the North Shore Electorate moving forward, delivering on the things that matter to families and business. That’s a stark contrast to my opponents’ poorly thought-through promises relying on more and more taxes to fund unaffordable spending.

I advocate to keep our broad-based and fair tax system because people on the North Shore don’t need an unknown level of tax on water, a regional fuel tax that would slow Auckland down and make it more expensive to do business, as well as all Labour’s plan for seven new taxes.

What I stand for is policies that have been forged by a strong and talented National team which has delivered steady growth for nearly 9 years. I want to continue representing the North Shore so I can help make it easier for first home buyers by boosting the HomeStart loan package, which will mean a couple get an extra $10,000 from the Government, taking HomeStart to $20,000 for an existing house or $30,000 for a new build. That makes a significant difference to anyone saving for a first home on the North Shore. I also support the Family Incomes Package which will put an average of $26 more per week in your pocket.

In my Ministerial capacity, the new Elder Abuse Response Service and free 24/7 confidential helpline - 0800 EA NOT OK - is already making a difference for vulnerable seniors. I’m also confident we’ll rid the republic of Devonport of rodents within the next 10 years with help from DOC’s Predator Free Rangers as part of the Predator Free 2050 programme. As Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage I have boosted support for our cultural and historic buildings by $30m through the Regional Culture & Heritage Fund. We will enable more heritage buildings that add irreplaceable character to communities like ours to access funds for earthquake strengthening and restoration. There are many buildings in Devonport which could benefit from the RCHF, or its sister fund for privately owned buildings, Heritage EQUIP, which recently contributed a $1.5 million grant to the St James Theatre.

Locally, I will continue to advocate to Auckland City Council for the much-needed and long-delayed upgrade of Lake Rd. The $54 million that had been allocated for the upgrade and removed by Auckland Transport needs to be reinstated. I agree with the local board’s push for the $70 million investment option to be delivered urgently. I will lobby hard to have more of our rates spent here on the Shore and I also want to continue to improve cycling options across the peninsula.

It’s been a privilege to be your local MP for the past 6 years and I’m asking for your continued support to be a strong advocate in government for the North Shore. I encourage you all to exercise your democratic right and vote to keep a strong local voice delivering for North Shore.

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