Compliments of the Festive Season

Grant and I are about to celebrate our first Wedding Anniversary and as a reminder of that very happy occasion we shared memories of our cake cutting at home with our North Shore friends. Along with son Joe, Grant and I wish you, your family and friends a safe, happy and relaxing summer break. Thank you for your support this year and I'm looking forward to continuing to work for you in 2019.

Simply the best

Saying a big thank you with flowers and a huge round of applause for Monika, who's been my outstanding Electorate Agent in my Takapuna Office. Leaving after nearly 7 years, for an exciting new job in the private sector, I've been fortunate to have kept her for so long. As a valued and loyal staff member, Grant and I and all of us wish you and Barry and the family the best of luck for all your future endeavors.

We wish you all a very happy & safe holiday

Team Maggie gathering to mark the end of the year. The new communications and research role has now been filled by Kathryn Calvert who will be joining the team early next year after a relaxing summer break. 

The office will be closed from the 20th until mid-January 2019.  We will be monitoring the emails to

Farewelling Chris

With valedictorian Chris Finlayson at his final Caucus meeting. We will miss his intellectual rigor and acerbic debating style.

Bringing Parliament to the Pupils

No need to leave Carmel College to visit Parliament via the new virtual reality goggles. The Year 9 students had been focussing on 'Sustainability Week' issues and they were keen to know more about Parliament and my role as their local North Shore MP. If you know of any schools who'd like me to take their pupils on a virtual tour of Parliament please contact my office and I'll bring along some free goggles.

North Shore Hero

The Kiwanis Robert P Connelly Medal of Heroism was awarded to Bernard because after visiting the Navy Museum on Armistice Day last year, he showed great courage by jumping into turbulent waters at Torpedo Bay, attempting to save a 5-year-old boy who tragically drowned when he fell from the wharf. I spoke about the nature and qualities of heroism from the soldiers of the Great War to the everyday heroes who almost, without thinking, risk their own lives to help others. What would you have done?

The last day of hearings on the proposed Euthanasia law change

As Deputy Chair of the Justice Select Committee I have been closely involved with the Members bill under the name of David Seymour seeking to liberalise the Crimes act to allow Euthanasia and assisted suicide. On the 'End of life choice' bill alone this year, I've Chaired more than 20 full days of hearings and participated in 10 debates around the proposed law change. I've taken the opposite approach to Mr Seymour's EOLC bill and instead of euthanising people, my Members bill would enshrine access to end of life palliative care by changing the health and disabilities act to require DHBs to ring-fence funding and develop strategies to deliver world-class palliative care wherever and whenever people need it.

Local and Central Government Connections

Final catch up for the year with Devonport/Takapuna Local Board Chair George Wood to discuss local North Shore issues of mutual interest.

Help needed for Billboard sites

As the MP for North Shore, it is important to let my constituents know that I'm here to help. It’s very useful to be able to publicise my contact details on high visibility billboard sites across the electorate. We'd do all the work and cause no damage and we would be very grateful for any help. If you are willing to host a billboard either for a few weeks or more or to help me store a couple of cubic metres of billboard wood, please contact Miriam in my Electorate Office on 09 486 0005.


























































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