As those of us who live on Auckland’s North Shore know very well, building a strong economy is a team effort. Along with good Government policies, a robust economy is driven by all the people who get up early, work hard, invest their time and their own money to build opportunities for themselves and others.

Nearly two years after the Coalition took over, the country should be booming, yet 63% of business leaders think this Government is managing the economy poorly. National’s new Economic Discussion Document sets out 50 positive initiatives and commitments that we want to take to the election, as well as more than 30 questions we are keen to get your feedback on so we can get New Zealand back on track.

This Labour Government is relentlessly dipping into your wallet whenever they need any extra cash. We don’t think that’s fair, which is why we have already committed to indexing tax thresholds to the cost of living so Kiwis aren’t taxed more by stealth every year. We have also promised to repeal the Regional Fuel Tax and not to introduce any new taxes or increase petrol excise taxes in our first term. We will also scrap the ill-thought-through hard core Green policy of the offshore oil and gas ban in Taranaki and bring back the popular and useful 90-day trials for employees.

To establish a wealthy economy that can deliver for all of us, we must also tackle wasteful spending and focus on targeted, measurable outcomes so that we can afford tax relief and cut the corporate tax rate from 28%. Labour scrapped the better public service targets National brought in, which focused on reducing welfare dependency, child hospitalisations and waiting times for social housing.

It’s frustrating to see this Government slowing us down with their lack of transport infrastructure investment and development. It’s not just physically slowing us down, it’s slowing down the entire economy. We have already committed to overhauling the RMA to make it more efficient and predictable.

New Zealanders are hardworking and innovative, and we know it is discouraging when red tape holds you back. A National Government will repeal 100 regulations in our first six months and we will eliminate two old regulations for every new one we introduce, so that you can get on with the job.

National’s bottom line is you, and it’s clear the unnecessary stress of not getting paid on time is a big issue for our North Shore small business owners. We’ve looked for ways to ease that stress and ensure healthier cash flows, which is why we have committed to establishing a ‘Small Business Payments Guarantee’ to ensure people are paid on time and within 30 days.

We have an ageing population and we want to ensure our superannuation scheme is sustainable for future generations with the cost of super set to rise from 4.5% of GDP last year to 8% of our GDP by 2060. The good news is that we are living longer and healthier lives and in the past 60 years, life expectancy has risen by around 12 years and the prediction in the next two decades is for men to live to the age of 85 and women to 87.

A National Government will progressively increase the age of entitlement from 65 to 67 starting in 2037 and those eligible can still expect to receive super for on average a quarter of their lives. For those who choose to work for longer, National proposes allowing KiwiSaver employer contributions to continue beyond the age of 65.


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